Giving Back to Victim of Crime

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 11:23 a.m. January 12, 2016

A Communications Operator took to heart a call that came across her desk recently, raising money to remind a victim of crime that there are many more caring people in the community than criminals.

A woman stands in front of a wall with the TPS logo and the word Communications
Communications Operator Kelly Carpino helped raise money for an elderly victim of a home invasion

Nearing the end of a 20-week assignment last month at the Toronto Police Operations Centre (TPOC), Communications Operator Kelly Carpino heard a call come in about a robbery in 55 Division.

When Detective Darryl Linquist called TPOC a few minutes later requesting that Hold Up investigators get a notification because it was a home invasion, Carpino was on the other end of the line.

“When the officer told me this elderly gentleman frequented the same Tim Hortons and it was the second time this year he had been robbed, I immediately knew who he was talking about because I had dealt with the earlier occurrence,” said Carpino, of hearing about the initial robbery.

With Christmas around the corner, she felt compelled to do something to cheer up the victim.

“I felt really bad for him,” said Carpino, learning the man would visit a local coffee shop to meet with acquaintances as part of his routine. “I lost my father in October 2014 and he used to go to Tim Hortons on a regular basis.”

With the support of her supervisor, Monica DiTollo, Carpino organized a day where operators could wear jeans to work to raise funds for the victim.

“Less than two hours after putting the word out, I received $85, including a $15 Tim Hortons gift card from someone who was willing to turn over their Christmas present,” she said.

A total of $290 was raised on the jeans day on December 23.

“The response was overwhelming,” said Carpino, who joined the Service in 1993 and spent three years with the Parking Enforcement Unit and nine years as a station operator at 52 Division before being assigned to Communications Services in September 2001.

Inspector Mike Barsky of Communications Services/PRIME praised Carpino and her fellow operators for their generosity.

“The operators felt it was a small way of showing support to this member of the community and hopefully restoring faith that there are good people who will reach out to help someone in need,” he said. “The unit has a reputation for giving back to the community.”

Among the charities Communications Services operators support are the Daily Bread Food Bank, the Children’s Book Bank, Out of the Cold, the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto, Meals on Wheels, Victim Services, and United Way of Toronto, Toy Mountain, Sick Kids Teddy Bears, the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Campaign and the Children’s Aid Foundation.

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