Gun Seized After Home Invasion

By Sara Faruqi, Toronto Police Service Published: 3:52 p.m. March 31, 2016

Good information by witnesses led police to make two arrests and take a gun off the streets, after an alleged home invasion where shots were fired by the suspects.

Two photos one of a handgun, the second is an image of a door with two bullet holes.
A gun was seized after a search warrant was executed (left). Bullet holes in the door of the apartment where the attempted home invasion took place (right).

On Saturday, March 26, around 5 a.m., police received calls for shots fired in an apartment building on West Lodge Avenue.

“It was an attempted home invasion where a man and woman allegedly attempted to gain entry into an apartment and the occupants resisted. The parties discharged a firearm, three rounds. One went through the partially opened door and two rounds went through the door when it was secured,” said Detective Patrick Coyne, of 11 Division. 

Investigators began their work identifying the suspects. They were able to get information from several witnesses, leading them to a Person of Interest.

“We developed a Person of Interest and through photo lineups and statements we were able to identify him as a suspect,” said Coyne. “It was just one of those investigations where, when the ball started rolling, it led to one lead, which led to the next lead and we were able to put it together pretty quickly.”

A search warrant was executed where police allegedly seized cash, crack cocaine, a loaded .45 calibre handgun and ammunition.

“Having multiple witnesses (is good), because not everyone has the same information. The more witnesses come forward, the more information we are able to gather to get a complete picture, which ultimately helped us identify the suspects quicker and make arrests,” said Coyne.

Superintendent Heinz Kuck said it is another weapon off the streets, thanks to a dogged investigation.

“Our officers rose to the occasion, were relentless in the pursuit of the offenders and, with quick resolve, made arrests, laid charges, and took another firearm off the streets,” said Kuck.

Sheldon Anthony Grant, 29, and Tabitha Elliott, 30, both of Toronto, are charged with weapons and firearms offences as well as possession of cocaine and marijuana.

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