Brave Citizen Helps Officer

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 2:59 p.m. June 17, 2016

A 52 Division officer, engaged in a fierce struggle with a suspect she was trying to arrest, was thankful for a passerby who came to her aid.

A man leaning against a truck
Randy Blain, rushed to help an officer in distress

On June 16, around 10 a.m., Constable Lisa Forbes responded to a call on  Edward St. for a woman who had reported that she was held captive overnight in her apartment by a man.

“When I got there, she was in the lobby and, as I was taking a statement and asking her what he looked like, he came out of the elevator and she said, ‘that’s him’,” recalled Forbes. “I walked up to him and, before I could have uttered three words, he tried to run away.”

A scuffle ensued and the officer was pinned to the ground by the suspect.

“I was unable to get a grip of him and I was concerned that he might get to my weapon,” said Forbes.

Huntsville resident Randy Blain was on his way home, after visiting Sick Kids Hospital with his daughter, when he witnessed the fracas.

“I was at a three-way stop when I glanced to my right and saw an officer on the ground being attacked with people watching on,” Blain recounted. “I pulled over, off the road, and told my eight-year-old daughter not to get out of the truck while I went to assist the officer. I did it because it was the right thing to do.”

Forbes was grateful for the citizen’s assistance.

“There were about eight people looking on at the struggle and none of them stepped in to do anything,” she said. “This guy stopped his truck and came to my assistance moments before other officers arrived. With his help, I was able to regain control of the situation and put the suspect in handcuffs.”

Jamal Hashi is facing several charges, including assaulting a police officer causing bodily harm, attempt to escape lawful custody and sexual assault with a weapon.

This is not the first time that Forbes has been engaged in a scuffle with a suspect.

“It has happened while working in the Entertainment District, but no one has had me on my back prior to this occasion,” she said. “The guy who came to my defence was awesome and I am grateful for what he did.”

Forbes, who is in her tenth year with the Service, dislocated a finger and suffered scrapes, scratches and bruises.

Sergeant Sean Cassidy said Forbes acquitted herself well in challenging circumstances.

“I am very proud of her,” he said. “She did fantastic.”

He also said he’s recommending Blain for a citation for his unselfish act of bravery.

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