Ill boy meets the Chief

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 7:56 a.m. August 9, 2016

Ever since touring the Marine and Mounted Units and Police Dog Services last March with his father, Robert Ferguson, and Detective Sergeant David Ecklund, Ollie Ferguson has been yearning to meet Chief Mark Saunders.

Man in a police uniform is flanked by a little boy and a little girl, while another man and woman stand behind him.
Chief Mark Saunders and the Ferguson family, parents Robert and Melitta and children Ollie and Scarlett

The six-year-old’s wish was granted on August 5, when the Chief took time to meet Ferguson and his family in his headquarters office.

Diagnosed with aplastic anemia in April 2015, Ferguson is set to have a bone marrow transplant next month.

“He has been dying to meet the Chief,” said his father. “Whenever he sees him on TV, he always comments on how good he looks and expresses a desire to meet with him. We are so glad the Chief was able to do this for my son.”

The little boy is slated to have the transplant on September 2 at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

“They are the number-one bone-transplant centre in the world and the two specialists we have are the best in their field,” said Robert Ferguson.

Ollie Ferguson’s sister, three-year-old Scarlett Ferguson, is the marrow donor.

“She was a candidate since around April 15 of this year,” said the family’s patriarch. “It was, however, thought that she might be too young to donate. But, after meeting with specialists, everyone has settled on her as the donor.”

Ollie and Scarlett are in Cincinnati this week for pre-transplant tests.

“His organs will be tested for functionality and they will both have bone-marrow biopsies,” said his father. “Ollie has had seven bone-marrow biopsies and this will be Scarlett’s fourth.”

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