Academic Consultation on TPS Modernization

By TPSnews Staff, Toronto Police Service Published: 4:42 p.m. September 7, 2016
Updated: 11:54 a.m. September 27, 2016

Academic stakeholders are being invited to present submissions focusing on the principles, goals, and recommendations.

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The Transformational Task Force is consulting the public on their report on modernizing the Service

The Transformational Task Force (TTF) will be hosting an academic consultation day on Wednesday, September 28. We want to hear from stakeholders from academic institutions who may have concepts and ideas to share about the future of our police service. Specifically, we would like to hear what you have to say about our transformational goals and their  24 recommendations.

The TTF is a partnership between the Toronto Police Service and the Toronto Police Services Board, formed in January 2016, tasked with proposing future-looking recommendations of how to modernize the Toronto Police Service. We all recognize that the TPS must keep pace with changing needs and expectations of our city. The mission of the Toronto Police Service is and always will be community safety but how we fulfill that mission is changing.

Our Interim Report entitled,  The Way Forward: Modernized Community Safety in Toronto was publically released on June 17, 2016 and within it, we outlined our principles and goals of transformation.

Our principles envision a Toronto Police Service that is:

  • Actively Accountable and Trusted 
  • Transparent and Engaged 
  • Inclusive and Collaborative 
  •  Affordable and Sustainable

Our goals to ensure the Toronto Police Service:
  1. Be where the public needs the Service the most 
  2. Embrace partnerships to create safe communities 
  3. Focus on the complex needs of a large city 

To date we have developed 24 specific recommendations to help us fulfill our transformational goals, but we’re not done yet. Since the release of the Interim Report, we’ve been consulting with communities throughout Toronto to gauge whether we’ve got it right and if communities support our ideas. Now, we want to hear from members of academia who may have their own observations and ideas to share about the future of this police service in order to inform our final report in January 2017.

The Rules of Engagement for consultation:

  1. We are inviting submissions from academic stakeholders that focus upon the principles, goals and recommendations outlined in our Interim Report. 
  2. Specific services or products are not to be marketed, and no promises of future business relationships may be implied. You can present ideas and concepts about how to modernize policing in Toronto. 
  3. The Toronto Police Service is currently in the formal procurement process for an academic partnership. Members of the Service are in a blackout period regarding this request for proposals. It cannot be discussed. Further information about the request for proposals for this academic partnership can be found on Merx. 
  4. Interested participants are invited to contact TTF member: Shawna Coxon at before Wednesday, September 21, 2016. Emails received after that date will not be considered. In your email please provide a statement about the specific goal and/or recommendation that you would like to present upon, along with your organization’s name and contact details. 
  5. Each participant will be provided with thirty minutes in which to present concepts and comments to panel members from the TTF, strictly enforced. Committee members may ask questions afterwards, but the presentation time is limited to thirty minutes. 
  6. Participants are requested to leave an electronic or paper copy of their presentation. 
  7. The session will take place on Wednesday, September 28th at the Ryerson Student Learning Centre, Room 514. You MUST book in advance as spaces are limited. (See number 4 for details.) 
  8. While the supply of presentation spots may be limited, you can still share your ideas with us electronically. The TTF will gladly welcome any written comments or white papers that you would like to provide. Please forward those to 
  9. Presenters will be notified of their scheduled presentation time slots, no later than Friday, September 23, 2016. 

Please note: We must be clear that these consultations will not be an opportunity to market specific services or products, and no promises of future business relationships may be implied. All costs incurred by participants in this consultation day must be borne by themselves. No payment will be made by the Transformational Task Force, the Toronto Police Service, or the Toronto Police Services Board. The Toronto Police Service will post any potential future requests for business services and products to the Merx website.

To learn more and provide your feedback on the modernization of the Toronto Police Service, visit

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