Action Plan on Modernizing Policing

By Kevin Masterman, Toronto Police Service Published: 1:16 p.m. January 26, 2017

The Service has unveiled on action plan on how to modernize policing in Toronto.

Cover of report
Transformational Task Force Action Plan: The Way Forward

Action Plan: The Way Forward Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto was released to the public on January 26.

“We’re looking at being innovative, being sustainable, being affordable but, more importantly, the right model for policing today’s environment,” Chief Mark Saunders said. “We’ve made changes over the years but this is exponential. This is starting from a blank page and looking at today’s needs.”

The Transformational Task Force, made up of both civilian and uniform Service members as well as the public, has spent a year looking at all aspects of policing in Toronto, looking at best practices from police services worldwide as well as asking Torontonians what is most important to them.

“When we talk about having stronger, intelligence-led policing, that’s something the community has asked for. When we talk about strengthening our partnerships with our communities, getting to know our communities better… You’re going to see that this report is very community-centric,” Chief Saunders said.

You can read the final report at

Chief Saunders on the Transformational Task Force Action Plan: The Way Forward
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