Students Up For Police PREP

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 9:23 a.m. May 19, 2017

To become a police officer in the province, completing stage seven in the shuttle run is the minimum requirement.

A teenage girl pushes on a machine
A student uses a machine to simulate placing handcuffs on someone

Runnymede Collegiate Institute Grade 10 student Jacob Silva reached Stage 12 in a fitness challenge with Western Technical Institute at the Toronto Police College on May 16.

“He was exceptional,” said Constable Esmail Dhukai of the Employment Unit.

Silva said playing hockey and other sports have enhanced his physical fitness.

“I am in great shape and I had a lot of fun doing this,” he said.

Students from the two schools were given exposure to some of the physical testing required to become cops by taking on the Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (PREP) test that most Ontario police services require their applicants to pass.

“What we did today was give the young people a basic course that simulates a lot of the things a police officer might have to do physically,” said Sergeant Andrew Kis. “They jumped over fences, over stairs, under walls and used their strength to push and pull. Their bodies are still growing. Some of the smaller people struggled a little bit with the physical demands, but they all have the strength and capability to do it. What they are getting out of this is that it is well within their capabilities.”

11 Division Youth Fitness Challenge

Employment Officers hold regular sessions that allow potential applicants to try out the PREP test to gauge if they’re up for the job.

Alaya Handiak, a Grade 10 student at the same school, completed stage seven of the shuttle run.

“I love anything that involves getting fit, so I was up for this challenge,” she said.

Grade 12 student Brennan Stanfield said he was happy to see what the police had to go through before they got their badges.

“I consider myself to be fairly fit because I swim and play football and ultimate frisbee, but this challenge was demanding,” said the Runnymede student. “The toughest part of the PREP test was the pushing and pulling.”

Constables Basil Fernandes and Laura Ball, School Resource Officers at 11 Division, organized the fitness challenge.

“We wanted to give the kids an opportunity to see some of the physical requirements that police officers have to undergo,” said Fernandes, who joined the Service 10 years ago. “They were very enthusiastic and wanted to do it.”

Fernandes and Ball are assigned to seven high schools in their Division.

A total of 10 students from Runnymede and Western Tech took part in the challenge for Grades nine to 12 students.

Inspector Chris Boddy, second-in-command at 11 Division, thanked the students for accepting the opportunity to come to Toronto Police College to take part in the challenge.

“You got to meet police officers and learn a little bit about what it takes to join our Service,” he said. “You also have formed important connections with officers.”

A woman watches a teenage boy roll under a bar
A student rolls through an obstacle as part of the simulation of police training

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