New Toronto Police vehicle unveiled

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 12:56 p.m. August 21, 2017
Updated: 2:48 p.m. August 21, 2017

Toronto Police unveiled its new marked police car on August 21 at headquarters.

A police vehicle parked at the back of police headquarters with a large group of people gathered behind it
Chief Saunders talks to the reporters at the media event

In response to a 14-question survey over a three-week period, a total of 18,559 members of the public and the Toronto Police Service responded. This was the highest response of any survey conducted by the Service.

“It was clear, after we embarked on this project, that everyone inside and outside of the TPS had very strong views on our cars,” said Chief Mark Saunders. “With your help, we have been able to achieve this balance and create a car that represents your feedback.”

The new design achieves a balance between visibility, with white doors, reflective lettering and emergency lights, and professionalism with a sleek and simple design that focuses on the word “POLICE.”

“The frontline vehicles have to be visible,” said Saunders. “The others were, but there were questions and issues with whether or not people thought they were visible enough. When we put out the survey, we had to make sure that certain things were mandatory. One of the key points for frontline vehicles is they have to be clearly visible. I think, in this case, we have met that standard.”

A total of 550 cars will receive the new design, with the first ones expected on the road by November.

“The fleet of cars has not changed in over a decade and I thought it was time for a change,” Saunders added.

The redesigned project will be done within Fleet Management’s existing budget and it will take five years to replace all frontline vehicles with the new design.

The Service owns 1,612 frontline vehicles, including 40 motorcycles, 24 marine vessels and 376 bicycles.

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