Blue Moon Arrives

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 11:20 a.m. October 3, 2017

When the time comes to retire an equine member, the Service’s Mounted Unit looks for someone who would love and take care of that horse.

A woman looking over at a white horse
Sarah McConaghy admiring Blue Moon

They found the perfect match for Blue Moon, who retired after 12 years on the job.

Staff Sergeant Graham Queen and Constable Patrick Penney delivered the horse to Sarah McConaghy on September 28.

She and her family live on a farm just north of Bowmanville.

“They have a huge paddock out there for Blue. It was like he was there all his life when he entered it for the first time,” said Queen. “He was eating the grass and running around in circles.”

McConaghy is still recovering from a serious vehicular accident on January 29, 2015. She received severe head injuries and spent nearly seven months in rehabilitation.

Prior to the accident, she was an aspiring model and an equestrian rider.

“About two weeks after she got out of hospital, she was back on a horse,” said Queen. “Unfortunately, it bucked her and that is very dangerous for someone in her condition.”

McConaghy’s mother contacted the Mounted Unit at around the same time they were looking for someone to adopt the retiring Blue Moon.

“We invited her to come to the stable as we were also retiring Charger,” Queen pointed out. “Sarah uses a three-step wooden platform to mount a horse and, after riding both of them, she chose Blue Moon. It was obvious she felt an attachment with Blue and I remember her asking her mom,’When could I get him’?”

Because of the accident, McConaghy moves with the aid of a walker and whispers when trying to speak.

Queen said Blue Moon served with distinction during his time with the Service.

The horse was the grand prize at the 2005 North American Police Equestrian competition in Kentucky that Toronto Police won.

Man and two women with two men in police uniforms stand next to a white horse
Carson and Catherine McConaghy (l, r), S/Sgt Graham Queen, Const. Patrick Penney, Sarah McConaghy and Blue Moon
TPS crest watermark