More Guns Seized in Red Brick

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 2:51 p.m. June 28, 2018

Police have allegedly seized two more firearms and a silencer as a part of a crime initiative implemented in 51 Division over the summer.

Two handguns and a  silencer
Two handguns, a loaded Walther PPK 765 handgun and .38 revolver with the serial number scratched off, allegedly seized by 51 Division officers, as well as a silencer

On June 26, Primary Response Unit officers saw a suspicious person at the driver’s window, speaking to the occupants in a vehicle, in the vicinity of Dundas St. E. and Sherbourne St.

When they approached the vehicle and investigated the driver, it was discovered he was unlicensed. The driver also allegedly told the officers that he was there to buy drugs and that he had crack cocaine in his possession.

The suspect was placed under arrest for cocaine possession.

A search of the vehicle allegedly turned up .32 calibre ammunition in the centre console of the vehicle which also had a hotel agreement and two hotel cards at a nearby hotel.

A search warrant executed at the hotel room allegedly resulted in the seizure of a firearm.

Another search warrant for another room, nearby, led to officers allegedly locating and seizing a loaded PPK 765 handgun, a .38 revolver, a silencer and a quantity of Canadian currency.

A total of 14 firearms have been seized since the project started five weeks ago.

“It’s an ‘all-hands on deck’ approach by officers to try to increase the number of firearms seized,” said D/Sgt. Mike Richmond. “It’s excellent teamwork that is resulting in this.”

Richmond said he’s not surprised by the number of guns seized so far.

“I am a bit of realist,” he added. “I am cognizant of the number of firearms that are on the street and that’s due to some of the information we have obtained over the last several months. I am more concerned than surprised.”

There have been over 50 firearm discharges in 51 Division from January 20, 2017 until early June.

Earlier this month, police allegedly seized a rifle and three shotguns, a large quantity of ammunition and approximately 577 grams of marijuana from a home near Gerrard St. E. and Bayview Ave.

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