Public Partner in Preventing Crime

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 1:15 p.m. February 27, 2019

To kick off the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police’s (OACP) annual crime prevention campaign on February 27, a new booklet that will be used by the province’s police services was launched.

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The You Are Crime Prevention booklet is available for download online

TheYou are Crime Preventionbooklet features helpful tips on many issues, including community safety, cybercrime and distracted driving.

Sylvia Jones, the provincial minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services, said the booklet will be a great help to Ontario Police Services as they promote crime prevention awareness in their communities.

“The content is all there,” she said. “The bigger picture I hope the public will pay attention to is that community safety is a shared responsibility. Nothing can be clearer than that… The police are on the frontlines doing incredible work to keep our families safer. Often their work is silent, preventative and unseen.”

Jones thanked the OACP for providing leadership in policing.

“From the outside, leadership may look easy, but as anyone who has been in leadership positons knows that with more responsibility comes more challenges,” the Minister said. “It has been a period of rapid change for police in Ontario dealing with cannabis legalisation, cyber fraud and online child exploitation and they have had to adapt in the face of risk and uncertainty. But with the challenges of leadership comes the opportunity to make a difference and Ontario’s Police Chiefs are trying to keep our families safe. They stand up for victims and hold criminals accountable each and every day.”

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Taking precautions online will keep you clear of scams

The event was held at Toronto Police headquarters.

Barrie Police Chief Kimberley Greenwood, who is the OACP president, said the launch provides an opportunity for Ontario Police Services to promote their shared responsibility to prevent crime before it happens.

“As Canadians, we have great pride in being one of the safest countries to live in,” she said. “But crime prevention is not solely a law enforcement responsibility. We all have an important role to play in ensuring personal safety prevails.”

A/Supt. Dave Rydzik said crime prevention and community safety are critical components of community policing.

“Policing is always changing in order to meet the changing nature of crimes,” he said. 

Download the crime prevention booklet

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