Drive Safe Over March Break

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 2:03 p.m. March 13, 2019

Traffic Services have rolled out a week-long city-wide traffic safety campaign to ensure drivers are keeping their eyes on the roads over the busy March Break.

Pedestrians cross at an intersection as cars wait
Pedestrians crossing at busy intersection downtown

“This is unlike previous campaigns when there was a variety of focus for enforcement,” said Sgt. Brett Moore. “We are asking our officers to look at the factors that we know contribute to injury and those are speeding, distracted, aggressive and impaired driving.”

He said officers will use alternative vehicles during the campaign that runs from March 11-18.

“That could be either pick-up trucks or vans,” said Moore. “We will also be messaging pedestrians to talk about traffic lights countdown times as there still is a lot of confusion as to how to use them. We will involve our media partners to get the word out about when it’s safe to cross an intersection with lights. Road safety is a shared responsibility and everyone has a role to play.”

On Thursday, March 17, Traffic Services will focus on school bus safety.

“There will be demonstrations at Traffic Services about how kids should get on and off those buses and there will be a focus on driver safety,” Moore said.

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