Defib Donated in Honour of Danforth Victims

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 11:09 a.m. September 25, 2019

For the past 13 years, the Canada’s 911 Ride police escorted motor event has raised thousands of dollars to help families of fallen emergency services personnel and young victims of violent crimes.

A group of people most in TPS uniform standing with a defibrillator
Superintendent Reuben Stroble and Constables Alexandru Gall, Anthony Als, Paul Ingley, Paul Mastorakos,Vlad Zvezdonkin, and Mikey Network Executive Director Morty Henkle donate a defibrillator to Shoppers Drug Mart franchise owner Farrah Jessani

Organizers have also worked with the MIKEY Network to make public defibrillators more readily available to help save lives.

Constable Paul Ingley learned about Canada’s 911 Ride while attending a fundraiser in Markham last July for Julianna Kozis, who was one of the two Danforth shooting fatalities on July 22, 2018. Ingley was one of the first responders to the shooting that saw a man randomly target people along the busy commercial strip.

At the Just Do Kindness Foundation event, the Public Safety Response Team member spoke with retired Toronto Police Sgt. Jim Adamson, who is the Canada’s 911 Ride National Vice-President.

“When he found out that I was one of the first responders, me and other 55 Division members, who at the time were part of the Community Response Unit team, were invited to the Canada 911 dinner in Alliston on August 24,” said Ingley.

Canada’s 911 Ride honoured the first responders that attended Demetres Danforth Café where the shooting broke out and officers who intercepted the shooter. The officers were Constables Alexandru Gall, Anthony Als, Volodymyr Z’vezd ‘Onkin, Hongfei Zhou and Pantelis Mastorakos.

The 55 Division officers were also presented with a $2,000 Mikey defibrillator to be donated to a business on the Danforth. The donation was made to Shoppers Drug Mart, 180 Danforth Ave., on September 18.

“The Canada’s 911 Ride executive wanted to honour the first police responders at the Danforth shooting on July 22, 2018,” said MIKEY Network Executive Director Morty Henkle. “Most of the patrons that go into that drugstore live on the Danforth and that is why the decision was made to place it in that store.”

The defibrillator is accompanied by a plaque that reads: This lifesaving MIKEY defibrillator has been donated to honour the Danforth shooting victims by the brave officers of Toronto Police Service 55 Division and Canada’s 911 Ride Foundation.

“We are happy that the donation was made to us and I know it will be very useful,” said pharmacist and franchise owner Farrah Jessani.

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