Think Differently About School Zones

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 10:59 a.m. September 24, 2019

Toronto Police handed out over 1,750 tickets in the first week of the new school year.

A school zone sign
Drivers must be-aware of their surroundings at all times, especially in school zones

A zero-tolerance approach targeting school and community safety zones was applied to ensure that students get to and from school without harm from irresponsible drivers.

Sgt. Brett Moore of Traffic Services said the majority of the tickets were for sign offences.

“They included stop sign violations, drivers making prohibited turns and things like that,” he said. “Speeding was also right up there.”

Moore said the large number of tickets issued doesn’t necessarily mean that the campaign was successful.

“Success is measured by how well our message was received,” he said. “Did people actually think differently about some of the behaviours that we see that cause collisions in our school zones? People get used to traffic patterns in the summer with less vehicles on the roads, but once school re-opens in September, it is back to normal. Things are different and we want to remind drivers not to expect things to be like they were during the middle of summer.”

Moore said officers will be monitoring motorists in school zones throughout the school year.

“We want them to slow down and follow the basic rules,” he said. “We also don’t want them to forget about parking enforcement which is a huge challenge in school zones. We get calls throughout the year from frustrated parents and teachers about some of the dangers that parents put others through by double parking, making U-turns and parking in no-stopping zones.”

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