Alert Off-Duty Analyst Helps in Arrest

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 9:42 a.m. October 24, 2019
Updated: 9:50 a.m. October 24, 2019

An alert Crime Analyst identified a suspect alleged to have stabbed a pharmacist above the eye about two hours earlier.

A man in a hallway
Kevin Miudo, is the Crime Analyst at 51 Division

Kevin Miudo, who has been a member of 51 Division for just a month now, was on his way home at around 3 p.m. on October 22 when he spotted someone resembling a suspect in a stabbing lying on the ground at the northwest corner of King and Yonge Streets.

Miudo’s civilian role is to use data and spatial analysis to identify crime trends, which is done behind a computer screen, not as a police officer out in the field. 

He also has other duties that include being responsible for creating Persons of Interest bulletins, where he saw the suspect photo.

“I had seen the photo of the suspect even though the report had not been written up for the occurrence,” said Miudo. “As I was about to go into the subway station, I saw this person that looked like the person in the photo.”

He sent a text message to the Field Intelligence Officer Constable Ryan Kotzer at the station asking if he could send him a photo of the suspect.

“As soon as I saw the picture that was sent back to me, I knew it was him,” said Miudo. 

The civilian member took a photo of the man and sent it to Kotzer, who confirmed it was the suspect.

Officers arrived on the scene minutes later and made the arrest.

The man is alleged to have attacked the pharmacist with a pencil, narrowly missing his eye when asked to leave the store after being provided with paper.

Miudo is among the first cohort of civilian Crime Analysts – replacing police officers in the role.

“Having them is an asset,” said D/Sgt. Michael Richmond, of 51 Division. “They have an increased number of tools at their disposal… and they are able to do thorough and comprehensive searches. Their training is solely focused on crime analysis, so they are an important component of our Service.”

Miudo helps the management team at the Division see the whole crime picture using mapping, whether it be for violent offences or property crimes, so they can deploy officers where they are needed most.

“Let’s say for the month of December, I did an analysis of all the thefts from vehicles because that’s prevalent in our Division during the Christmas season when people leave behind gifts in their cars,” he said. “We want to know where that kind of thing is happening. The information I provide helps the unit commander make effective decisions.”

Prior to joining the Service in August, Miudo was a Ryerson University student. He has an undergraduate degree in Geographic Analysis and a Master’s in Spatial Analysis.

Miudo trained at headquarters for a month before being assigned to 51 Division.

There is a Crime Analyst in each of the 17 police divisions across the city.

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