Police officers are delivering masks to community members

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 3:19 p.m. August 14, 2020

Interim Chief James Ramer joined Supt. Ron Taverner at 23 Division on August 14 to announce the launch of an initiative to distribute masks in the community.

Group of adults and children, all wearing face masks, standing in front of a building with a sign 23 Division on it
Interim Chief James Ramer, Supt. Ron Taverner, Councillor Michael Ford and Mad Engine representatives with neighbourhood youths at the mask campaign launch at 23 Division

Mad Engine, a clothing company, donated the 46,000 cloth masks.

Ramer said Mad Engine approached the Service a few months ago to develop a partnership.

“Their company had began an initiative to give away a million masks,” he said. “They reached out to the Community Response Unit here at 23 Division and asked for their help in distributing 46,000 masks to help fill a need in our communities.”

Neighbourhood and community officers from the northwest district will be distributing the masks over the next few weeks.

“The City of Toronto is in Stage 3 of re-opening and now, more than ever, we need people wearing masks so we can fight the spread of COVID-19,” added Ramer. “As you can see, we have officers on bicycles, ATVs and scout cars loaded up with masks so they can begin handing them out to members of the communities in need.

“These reusable masks are not for our officers to wear. They are for people that need them in our communities. Over the next few weeks as officers patrol our neighbhourhoods and respond to calls and visit parks and other public places, you might be approached by one of them and asked if you would like to wear a mask.”

A man in a police uniform is leaning over to put a mask on a young boy. A group of youth is sitting on the curb next to a police vehicle, while a group of adults are standing behind them.
Interim Chief James Ramer hands out a mask to a young boy

The face protection comes in different colours and sizes.

Councillor Michael Ford praised the initiative.

“Ever since this city started going into this pandemic, what we have seen in our community in North Etobicoke and in many cities across our country is people coming together and supporting people,” he said. “We have seen that from individuals and also businesses. Mad Engine is just one super business that has stepped up to the plate for our community.”

Ford, who is also a member of the Toronto Police Services Board, thanked officers for the great work they do in the city and, more particularly, for collaborating with Mad Engine to distribute masks to residents in need.

Angelina Yagudayev, the Executive Vice President of Mad Engine, acknowledged the Service for joining them in the initiative.

“We are thrilled to be partnering up with you,” she added. “We started our ‘Million Mask’ campaign back in May as part of our ‘Good Works” initiative to help essential workers and those in need to help protect us from COVID-19.”

Taverner said the masks are vital during this pandemic for people to be safe.

“A lot of these masks are for young people which is totally what we want to instill in them,” he pointed out.

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