Game On For Rookie League

Photo of the blog author By Ganka Nagarajah,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 4:43 p.m. July 9, 2015

Youth In Policing Initiative students helped kids get their skills sharpened for the ballpark this summer.

A teenage girl in YIPI uniform
YIPI student Loreen Noble registers kids participating in Rookie League
  • A teenage girl in YIPI uniform
  • Boys and girls in YIPI uniforms opening boxes on a baseball field
  • A pile of blue baseball gloves
  • A group of children standing in groups. One throws a ball. A boy in a YIPI uniform with a clipboard stands beside him.

The Jays Care Foundation 2015 Rookie League season started on July 8 at Stan Wadlow Park in partnership with Toronto Community Housing, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, the YMCA of Greater Toronto, Pathways to Education Canada and the Toronto Police Service.

Celebrating their 27th Rookie League season, Jays Care provides children between the ages of 5 and 16 with the opportunity to play several baseball-themed games and activities at different stations throughout the park as part of the kickoff. The kids will soon be playing baseball games throughout the summer.

Youth in Policing Initiative students (YIPIs) reported to the park bright and early to help set for the big event that drew kids from over 60 communities across the city. 

All YiPis split into four major groups and took the pitching, speed test, batting and photo stations. Many of the responsibilities that were given to the YIPIs included setting up tents and tables for registration, bringing out the baseball equipment for the different activities, setting up posters for the games and distributing score cards. They also helped out the Jays Care team with handing out Jays Care attire and snacks, score keeping, packing and cleaning up at the end of the day.

The YIPI students not only assisted the children but they also participated in the games as well, encouraging teams to join in on the fun, even challenging others to beat their scores! It was not only a day to promote physical activity but it was also to build self esteem, teamwork skills and character. The YIPI students also had a great time as well.

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