Improving Customer Service

Photo of the blog author By Inspector Chris Boddy,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 1:19 p.m. October 8, 2015
Updated: 10:11 a.m. October 15, 2015

The Toronto Police Service Headquarters lobby now has a new accessible space to help citizens access police records.

A group of women working on computers at a counter
Staff at the new Customer Service Centre at headquarters (40 College St.) where the public can access police records
  • A group of women working on computers at a counter
  • Plastic multicoloured cutouts of people with the wording: @TPS_Cares

A newly re-designed front counter, with four teller-style wickets and lowered accessible service counter, is now open to the public to process requests for background checks such as Clearance Letters and Vulnerable Person Sector Screening, Freedom of Information requests as well as applications for fingerprint and photograph destruction. 

Toronto Police Service headquarters is at 40 College St., between Bay and Yonge Sts.

Similarly, during Customer Service Week (Oct. 5 to 9), the Customer Service section announced new initiatives to assist the community along with Service members.

Chief Administrative Officer Tony Veneziano says every interaction is important.

“Every interaction with a member of the public, big or small, is important and will impact how the public views us, how much they trust us and ultimately how much they engage and cooperate with us to help keep our communities safe – it must therefore be professional, free from bias and respectful," Veneziano says.

Customer Service has had all Divisional Twitter handles standardized and verified by Twitter Canada, which will allow the community easier access to their home Division and for TPS to provide information to specific communities.  As a trial,  @TPS55div decals will be placed on the trunk of  55 Division scout cars and engagement will be measured to assess the value of a roll-out to remaining Divisions.

Similarly portions of letters commending members that are sent by community members will be posted on Facebook pages of the unit involved, so that these positive words can be seen internally and externally. 

External facing areas are also going to be re-named Customer Service Centre,  to ensure that when people walk into a police facility they are aware of where they can get help.

Media Relations Officers have been assigned to the Toronto Police Operations Centre (@TPSOperations) and will be available 20 hours a day, seven days a week. This will be a resource for front desk staff at the Divisions as well as ensure better communications with media partners.

An interactive Maps & Data Portal has also been added to the Toronto Police website, so that residents can see a weekly snapshot of crimes in their neighbourhoods via

Feedback from the public is welcome via email or via Twitter @TPS_Cares

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