Police and Kids Partnership Jump

By 33 Division,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 8:13 a.m. November 10, 2016
Updated: 8:14 a.m. November 10, 2016

33 Division's Constables Gabriel Wong and Asif Shaikh teamed up and organized a trip for several youngsters aged 8 to 16 years.

A group of students and adults at a trampoline park
Consts Gabriel Wong and Asif Shaikh with youth participants at the Sky Zone

They attended ‘Sky Zone’ a trampoline park in Toronto. The purpose of this event was to connect and open the lines of communication between police and youth.

“Reaching out to kids at the earliest opportunity sets the pace for future positive interactions”, said Wong who no pun intended jumped at the opportunity to be involved in this program.

At the end of the program organizing officers served the youth pizza and conducted a general presentation on everyday problems youth may encounter in school, such as drugs and bullying.

The event was funded by ProAction Cops & Kids, a charitable organization that provides funding for Toronto Police programs for youth at risk.

Both officers credit the help of Sparrow Way community leaders Maureen Hylton and son Delano Anderson who chaperoned the event.

Officer Shaikh said, "I have been very fortunate to be involved in organizing these events and it would not be possible for this event without the sponsorship of ProAction Cops & Kids and cooperation of the community leaders involved”.

ProAction Cops & Kids: ProAction is a charity that funds projects and activities, initiated and run by police officers, which engage youth at risk. Our goal is to build trust and mutual respect between cops and youth, helping kids at risk before they become kids in trouble"

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