Thorncliffe Hockey Connects Cops & Kids

Photo of the blog author By Ron Fanfair,
Toronto Police Service
Published: 3:44 p.m. January 24, 2018

Young people in Thorncliffe Park and 53 Division Community Response Unit members are interacting over the next few months by playing floor hockey.

A group of people playing floor hockey in a gym
Officers and kids played at the Jenner Jean-Marie Community Centre
  • A group of people playing floor hockey in a gym
  • A man holds a hockey stick to the chin of boy in a gym
  • A man in goalie equipment and a boy holding a hockey stick
  • A group of kids and adults with hockey sticks in a gym

Every other Saturday, they will engage in a hockey match at the Jenner Jean-Marie Community Centre.

Constable Tim Somers, the Community Response Unit and Crime Prevention and Disorder Management Officer at 53 Division, attended the first game on January 26.

“The atmosphere was terrific,” he said. “There was a large turnout of kids and they were all engaged. At the end of the game, every kid left with a hockey stick.”

The young people ages range from 12-16.

Constable Tom Desloges started the ball rolling. 

He connected with Pro Action Cops & Kids for funding.

“It’s amazing what Tom did to get this off the ground and we are all there supporting him to make sure that this hockey series is a success,” said Somers.

The series ends on April 20.

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