Big Macs Fuel Autism Awareness

Photo of Rochelle Burnett By Rochelle Burnett,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 3:50 p.m., May 30, 2017

A grassroots partnership raised thousands for autism awareness. #BigMacsForAutism raised $7,701 for Autism Speaks Canada through the sale of food at seven locations. Officers and McDonald's staff worked hard all day to make the fundraiser a success.

A man in TPS uniform in a drive-thru window
Chief Mark Saunders put in a shift manning the drive-thru window and explaining the importance of the fundraiser
A man in TPS uniform in a drive-thru window
A man in a TPS scout car puts money in a cup held by another man in TPS uniform
A man and a woman in front of a fast food counter
A group of people some in TPS uniform
A woman in TPS uniform holding food in a drive-thru window with a police car
A man beside artwork
A man and woman in TPS uniform with a teenage boy
A group of men in TPS uniform with two men and a woman