Officers Pay Tribute to Fallen

By Alice Tham,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 11:14 a.m., May 8, 2017

It is a solemn reminder of sacrifice. The 18th annual Ontario Police Memorial at Queen’s Park was held on May 7 in honour of all the province’s fallen police officers. The names of the 264 police officers who have died on the job are inscribed on a granite wall at the Queen’s Park memorial site. No provincial police officer died in the line of duty in the last year but the names of four historic officers were added to the granite wall.

A group of officers stands by scout cars
Officers shut down Queen's Park to facilitate the Ontario Police Memorial
A group of officers stands by scout cars
Two TPS officers on bicycles
A group of police officers on horseback
A woman in TPS uniform takes a photo on a phone
A group of men and women in police uniform
Men and women in OPP uniform
A group of men in police and military uniform behind wreaths
A woman at a podium
A man a podium in front of an audience and a statue
Two rows of motorcycle officers
A group of men and women in TPS uniform walking
A group of children hold drums