Top 21 of 2021

By Brent Smyth,
Toronto Police Service
Published at 4:31 p.m., December 20, 2021

Here are some of my favourite photos I've compiled over my nearly six months with Toronto Police. I've had the chance to tag along in cars, boats and on foot to many of Toronto's great neighbourhoods alongside police, parking and special constables who are keeping the city safe.

Police officer on a boat
Marine Constable Patrick Staunton calls back to the station from Toronto Harbour
Police officer on a boat
A police officer holding lidar gun waves at a car of people
Two police officers talk to a woman
A group of police officers cycling
People at a loading dock
Two police officers on horseback with skyline in background
A parking officer in an elevator
A police officer holding lidar gun
A special constable putting items in a plastic bag
A police officer holding a rope on a boat
A parking officer on a bike
a police officer beside a basketball court
Police officer kneeling beside a child
A police vehicle below an underpass
A police officer in a police car
A police officer puts a motorcycle helmet on a child
A police officer waves at a doorway
A police officer holds up a film
A police officer speaking to someone
A man at a podium
A group of police officers walking