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Cameras Providing Clear Picture of Policing
Body-worn cameras have become an integral part of the police uniform.
Boy's Courage Inspires Cancer Fundraiser
A Toronto Police officer is shaving his head to celebrate the life of an inspiring five-year-old boy who succumbed to cancer recently.
Traffic Enforcement Stepped Up in School Zones
Toronto police officers will making sure drivers don't fail the grade in ensuring kids, who are among the most vulnerable road users, have a safe trip to and from school.
Award for Vision on Traffic Safety
Toronto Police Service (TPS) has been honoured for the creation of the Vision Zero Enforcement Team (VZET) with the Canadian Association Chiefs of Police (CACP) National Police Award for Road Safety.
Stay Off Water if Impaired
Alcohol is suspected or present in half of all boating fatalities in Canada.
Students Get Tech Assist
With the new school year approaching, brothers Isaiah and Jeremiah Cole welcomed the opportunity to receive backpacks, iPads and headphones.
Insight From Community For New Officers
In the fall of 2020, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) began redeveloping the Coach Officer Program to ensure that Coach Officers, who are the first to mentor new officers on the road, had the skills and resources required to provide the best training.
Youth Get Great Experience Over Summer
Participating in this summer’s Youth in Policing Initiative (YIPI) program was one of the best experiences for valedictorian Tabassum Yousuf.
Building Blocks with Cops
Using the basic fundamentals of woodworking to build trust with the community, 43 Division officers engaged young people in Scarborough Village in a hand-on crafting experience on August 14.
Police recover loaded semi-automatic handgun
Excellent teamwork by Gun & Gang Task Force members resulted in an arrest and firearm seizure.