Officer's Trophies Find A Home

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 4:04 p.m. September 28, 2015
Updated: 4:08 p.m. September 28, 2015

While out patrolling with their motorcycles in the Beaches community in the summer, Constables Antoinette Rowe and Ovid Mac stopped to engage an elderly community resident who was standing outside his home.

A man on a horse with a woman and a man standing near by
Bob Fullerton with his wife Paula and Constable Joel Houston.

It turned out that Bob Fullerton’s late father – William Fullerton – was a retired Toronto Police Service member who served in the Mounted Unit.

During the conversation, Fullerton told the officers he was looking for a home for some trophies his dad won when he rode a police horse.

“I know our Mounted Unit takes its history very seriously and has several prized possessions on show there, so I thought that would be the obvious place for those trophies to go,” said Rowe, who returned home last February after serving a year performing critical peacekeeping and peace support duties in Haiti.

Last week, Fullerton and his wife, Paula, presented the trophies and a photo of William Fullerton in the company of other Mounted Unit members taken in 1930.

“I am 80 and I always grew up with these in our living room,” said Fullerton. “I had considered taking them to a police station before I met Antoinette.”

Born in Northern Ireland in 1890, the elder Fullerton served in the First World War. 

“He was in the trenches at age 16, but he never talked a lot about that experience,” said the octogenarian.

Fullerton has a lasting memory of his dad’s stint with the Mounted Unit.

“I remember seeing him on this horse that stepped between the street car tracks,” he said. “Dad fell and broke his shoulder.”

Sergeant Kristopher McCarthy and Constable Joel Houston received the memorabilia on behalf of their unit.

“One of the trophies was the first prize for winning an equitation event at the CNE horse show for officers from the Mounted Unit while the other one was for placing second at a Toronto Scottish Regiment obstacle course event,” said Houston.

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