Confident Girlz Ready for Prom

By Constable Jenifferjit Sidhu, Toronto Police Service Published: 12:12 p.m. March 24, 2017

Fashion Friday on Cityline this week features some of the young empowered women that make up the Girlz will be Girlz program.

A group of women
Ludwrige Michel and Wasifa Noshin (on left and right side of group) with fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney and fellow models on the Cityline set

Two of the girls from the ProAction Cops & Kids program, mentored by Constable Jennifer Dekezel, had the chance for a full prom makeover courtesy of Cityline host Tracey Moore and fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney.

Wasifa Noshin, 18, and Ludwrige Michel, 17, both received the latest prom tips in high fashion and makeup courtesy of volunteer hair and makeup artists. They were outfitted from head-to-toe in Pandora jewellery, Vince Camuto high heels, and Laura designer dresses for their special night out at the end of the school year.

Noshin told the audience about coming to Canada at age 8 and struggling to fit in.

"It’s hard to watch to watch your kids grow up because they want to baby them. But my mom and my dad are very proud of me because I made good grades and got accepted into some really competitive programs,” said the University-bound student, pointing out a teary Dekezel in the audience as her other proud supporter.

“She taught me girl power,” she said, of Dekezel, the 54 Division officer. “And girl power is so important especially in this scary time we are living in – it’s so unpredictable. People always say ‘You’re so positive’. Well, what else is there to do but be positive.”

Three women under a City sign with bags
Constable Jennifer DeKezel with Ludwrige Michel and Wasifa Noshin, who were outfitted for prom on Cityline

Dekezel began the program nine years ago and now mentors 25 elementary and secondary school girls alongside other officers, exposing them to different events and opportunities throughout the city from experiencing a spa day to spending the day at Canada’s Wonderland.

Michel also offered positive advice to girls after strutting onto the stage in her new outfit.

“Stay true to yourself,” she said. “As long as you realize who you are and where you come from you’re set.”

Noshin relished her time on TV.

“It was an incredible and surreal experience. Getting the chance to meet some incredible people who are so talented at what they do, just inspired me so much,” she said. “Great vibes on set Tracy and Jessica made me feel so comfortable but most of all watching Jennifer tear up was so incredibly emotional because I figured out in that moment that she's incredibly proud of me and the person that I have become lately."  

Mulroney was so impressed with the girls’ confidence and the concept behind “Girlz will be Girlz” that she has promised prom dresses for those graduating from high school for the next three years.  

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