Change of Command for Ceremonial Unit

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 9:34 a.m. March 18, 2019

As the Chief’s Ceremonial Unit changed its command, Chief Mark Saunders underlined the legacy of their work.

A man in TPS uniform carrying a sword
D/Sgt. Tyrone Hilton assumes command of Chief's Ceremonial Unit

“We know the many hours it takes for you to come here on your own time and represent the organization, not just internally but worldwide,” the Chief said at the March 6 ceremony at Moss Park Armoury. “The footprint you have made when it comes to representing the Service, I can’t begin to fathom what it would be like without you. You are not taken for granted.”

Saunders told unit members they stand out at every event.

“Every time I go to a ceremony and I see you enter a room and then look at others who are not part of the Service, the impact and influence that you have is second to none,” the Chief added. “So please don’t ever forget that.”

Stephen Sadler relinquished the Commanding Officer position to S/Sgt. Tyrone Hilton at the ceremony that included two march pasts by the unit with the assistance of the Toronto Police Pipe Band.

Two men in TPS uniform on a platfrom saluting people marching past
Sgt. Steve Sadler and Chief Mark Saunders salute the march past

Sadler, who joined the Service in 1988, said he was proud and fortunate to be part of the unit that represents the Service at formal events such as the Chief’s Gala to funerals and memorials.

“I am proud to have had the opportunity to have led such an august group and fortunate to have had so many great opportunities during my 30 years with this Service,” he said. “The members of this unit, volunteers all, work tirelessly at over 200 events and practices each and every year. They do this predominantly on their own time… It has been my personal honour to lead them.”

While the Unit is led by a Commanding Officer, Sadler reminded members that it is sustained by their dedication.

“You have my greatest thanks and respect for all of your efforts,” the married father of three children said. “This unit does not flourish due to the efforts of the Officer in Command. Rather, it succeeds due to the efforts of every member standing here before me in uniform. Ensure that you all understand that the Unit is more vital and important than any one person and shall continue to strive and maintain a high level of excellence over the coming years by the collective efforts of each and every one of you. Please continue to maintain the pride and tradition.”

A close up of a sword in a hand
D/Sgt. Tyrone Hilton holds a ceremonial sword
A group of people marching in a line
Chief's Ceremonial Uni members marching at Moss Park Armoury

Sadler, who was promoted six years ago to the position of Officer Commanding for the Chief’s Ceremonial Unit, is confident that his successor will perfectly fill the role.

“Your selection as the next Officer in Command was an easy one for me, based on your dedication to this unit for many, many years,” he noted. “You are well suited to this role and you will lead this unit with fairness, loyalty, dedication and drive. The unit will be well served by your efforts.”

A Service member since 1998 and Chief Ceremonial Unit member since the spring of 1999, Hilton thanked Sadler for his service with the unit.

Sadler assumed the role shortly after the death of Const. John Zivcic in December 2013.

“Steve was thrown into the fire right away and his leadership and ability to persevere and get through those difficult times showed the kind of leadership he has,” said Hilton. “We are very fortunate to have had Steve as our Commanding Officer.”

Hilton promised to honour the traditions and history of the Unit established in 1991.

“I will represent you to the best of my ability,” he said.

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A group of people in TPS uniform assembled in a group
Chief's Ceremonial Unit members with Toronto Police Pipe Band
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