Saluting Healthcare Heroes

By Kevin Masterman, Toronto Police Service Published: 10:14 p.m. April 19, 2020

A kilometer-long cavalcade of lights and sirens signaled to healthcare workers that police, fire and paramedics recognize their heroic efforts to stall the pandemic and save lives.

Police vehicles with lights on
Hospital staff greeted police as they drove down University Ave. to salute healthcare workers for their work during the pandemic

Chief Mark Saunders, Toronto Fire Services Chief Matthew Pegg, Mayor John Tory and Toronto Paramedic Services Chief Gord McEachen led the hundreds of First Responders down University Avenue, home to the largest concentration of hospitals in the city.

Standing between Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, Toronto General Hospital and the Hospital for Sick Children, Chief Saunders said the event, which was mirrored at hospitals and long-term care centres across the city was about showing appreciation for the people who have faced down the pandemic from day one.

Toronto First Responders pay tribute to frontline healthcare workers

"This is the time to say thank you for what you have done," Chief Saunders said, as sirens blared and healthcare workers lined the route to wave back to First Responders. "The spirit here is fantastic and the staff are so appreciative of us being here."

First responders and healthcare workers work hand-in-hand each and every day with the goal to help save lives, Chief Saunders said.

"During the pandemic we're even more aware of having that collaborative effort to ensure we all play our part when it comes to getting rid of this pandemic ," he said.

A group of people in hospital gowns and masks line a street
Healthcare workers welcomed the long line of emergency services vehicles along University Ave.
A line of officers on horses with other emergency vehicles
Mounted Officers line University Ave. as a kilometre-long line of emergency vehicles salutes healthcare workers along the densest concentration of hospitals in the city
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