Officers Visit With Miraculous Little Girl

By Kevin Masterman, Toronto Police Service Published: 8:49 a.m. June 12, 2020
Updated: 2:07 p.m. June 12, 2020

Police officers paid a visit to a little girl with a miraculous story they will never forget, thankful for her and her family that she is recovering from her traumatic fall.

A girl waves
Police officers visited a five-year-old girl who has recovered from a fall from her 12-storey balcony
It was every parent’s worst nightmare, as emergency services personnel rushed to the scene where the five-year-old girl fell from a 12-storey balcony on the afternoon of March 10. Distressed residents were first to retrieve the little girl, who fell into a dumpster and brought her into the lobby of the building to be treated by paramedics.

 Police officers escorted the paramedics on an emergency run to hospital. There she was stabilized by hospital staff and received treatment for several fractures that left her in a neckbrace for months.

 Det. Sanjee Aroda, who investigated the case with Det. Phil Bevilacqua, said the call affected all the police officers who responded.

 “I have two daughters myself, I can’t even imagine what the parents went through,” said Aroda, noting that the investigation revealed there was no negligence or foul play in relation to the incident as her mother attended to a newborn in another room.

Aroda said the trauma of the incident, stress on the family of having to speak to police about the incident, led them to want to follow up with the family with a friendly visit.

 “We had some toys here that had been donated to the station and we wanted to stop in and brighten her day, especially given the pandemic, which has kept her out of school and from seeing her friends,” Aroda said. “Everyone was very happy to see us. The little girl doesn’t remember anything from the day and she is a very happy little girl, who was happy to have some new toys.”

 Aroda, who was joined by Bevilacqua, D/Const. Saman Mafi, Const. Thao Vo and Sgt. Kelly McKee, who was the supervisor for the frontline response that day.

 “She is expected to make a full recovery – it’s just miraculous,” Aroda said. “It’s nice for everyone involved to know that she will be okay.”
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