Toronto police arrest alleged Ottawa child abductor

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 1:15 p.m. July 22, 2020

An alert Toronto Police Traffic Services officer helped arrest a father who allegedly abducted his four-year-old son in Ottawa and drove to our city.

A man in uniform standing next to a police vehicle in a busy intersection
Const. Jordan Steuer

Ottawa Police triggered an Amber Alert on July 14 for a missing four-year-old boy.

Const. Jordan Steuer was on patrol on King St. W. when he heard the missing child broadcast.

“I listen to two radios in the car which is something my coaches taught me,” said the officer who has been on the job for a year. “While listening to 14 Division radio, I heard the broadcast of a Grey Nissan bearing an Ontario marker and there was a missing child from Ottawa.”

Steuer wrote the information on his hand.

“Hearing that 14 Div. might have a location, I started heading that way and then I heard 53 might have a general location, so I decided to go eastbound on King St.,” he said. “While travelling on King St., I saw a green Nissan pass by me going westbound and the driver matched the description of the alleged abductor.”

Looking down on his hand to double-check the information he wrote, Steuer turned around and followed the vehicle.

“I let dispatch know I had located it and as soon as the driver turned on to Tecumseh St., I activated my emergency equipment,” he said. “The driver pulled over and I started investigating him because I wanted to make sure his ID matched the name given on the broadcast. Once I got his identification, I was able to confirm this was the subject and the child in the backseat was his son that he had taken earlier in the morning.”

Steuer said an orange cat was also in the car.

“The driver seemed agitated and was going back and forth, so I kept my eyes on him and the child,” the officer added. “I didn’t want to go back to my vehicle until other units arrived, so I stood by the driver’s side and was able to ask the boy if he was OK. He nodded ‘yes’.”

Officers from 14 Division officers helped Steuer make the arrest.

Charges were laid and the boy was returned to safety.

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