Guns and drugs seized in Mornelle Court

By Ron Fanfair, Toronto Police Service Published: 10:22 a.m. September 21, 2020

Officers responding to a gun call in the Mornelle Court community in Scarborough seized two guns and a quantity of drugs.

Photo of a firearm with a size ruler below it
Seized Firearm

On September 17 around 4 a.m., Consts. Luckaz Alekandrowicz and Zsofia Balazs were near West Hill Collegiate Institute on Morningside Dr. when the call in.

“One female mentioned to another while she was been dragged out of a car that someone had a gun,” he said. “The call was upgraded to a person with a gun and there was, of course, a sense of urgency.”

Community residents also made 9-1-1 calls, saying they heard the word ‘gun’ mentioned in the commotion outside.

By the time, Alekandrowicz and Balazs arrived on the scene, other officers were already there.

The car was parked in front of 80 Mornelle Court.

“There were two occupants in the front and a female in the back of the car and there was another female, who looked like the aggressor, kicking away at the car door,” said the 43 Division officer. “There were two groups of people away from the car and there were people yelling from the balconies.”

A male in close proximity to the vehicle attracted the officer’s attention.

Photo of two loaded ammunition magazines with a size ruler below.
Seized Ammunition Magazines

When the officer informed the man he was going to pat him down for the officers’ safety, he said he was going to call his lawyer.

A search of the bag turned up a TEC-9 machine pistol that wasn’t loaded, two high-capacity magazines and a variety of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, fentanyl and heroin.

“There was a brief struggle with him on the ground and when Const. Preston Raugh-Wasmunf asked him if he was carrying any other weapons, he said he had another gun in his waistband,” said Alekandrowicz who joined the Service 12 years ago.

It was a loaded 357 Magnum.

Photo of a firearm with a size ruler below it.
Seized Firearm

Three of the four individuals arrested were released without charges.

Peter Francis-Simms, 28, faces 34 charges.

He was wanted by Peel Regional Police for a surety warrant and has three previously imposed firearms prohibitions.

The other officers involved in the investigation were Sgt. Rodney Steffler who was first on the scene and Consts. Leigh Simpson and Brendan McGhee.

Photo of 6 rounds of ammunition, with a size ruler below.
Seized Ammunition

Supt. Dave Rydzik praised community residents for alerting police that someone with a gun might have been involved in the incident.

“It was good that we had enough officers there to deal with this situation,” he said. “It was good police work, but the arrest and seizures were mainly because of citizens making the call to us once they heard the word ‘gun’.”

Just two days earlier, a Highway Traffic Stop by a Mornelle Court neighbourhood officer in the same area led to the seizure of a large quantity of drugs and cash.

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