Driving Toward Greener Fleet

By Brent Smyth, Toronto Police Service Published: 8:03 a.m. November 16, 2021

Testing has started on a 2021 hybrid patrol vehicle as part of efforts to support a greener City of Toronto fleet.

A police vehicle by trees
New hybrid Ford Interceptor Utility being tested

Fleet & Materials Management Manager Chris Nielsen anticipates the vehicles will reduce the amount of fuel used to power the vehicle.

“While on duty, a Toronto police vehicle is required to idle more than the average car,” he said. “The idling is in support of all the power needs of the equipment like the emergency lighting, the computer and camera systems, radios and all the other electronic equipment. With the introduction of hybrid, we anticipate a further reduction in that requirement.”

The four vehicles being piloted are hybrid versions of the Ford Interceptor Utility that is the standard patrol vehicle.

“By being exactly the same, we are going to have the opportunity to do a heads-up test for the standard patrol vehicle versus the hybrid to see if we realize the significant savings in fuel consumption, which will obviously result in less emissions,” said Nielsen.

Hybrid Patrol Vehicle Pilot Project

The City of Toronto has committed to 65% less greenhouse gas emissions from their fleet by 2030, with 45% of those vehicles being low-carbon vehicles. The goal for net zero emmissions by 2050 as outlined in their  Sustainable Fleet plan.

Chief James Ramer said it’s important for the Service to evaluate and look at new technology.

“This is an opportunity to really evaluate,” said Chief Ramer, of looking at the efficiency of the vehicles as well as the maintenance required. “I think all of these things will be evaluated… recognizing that there’s a significant increase in cost into the hybrid vehicle.”

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